Thursday, November 09, 2006

Time to look at Draft N

Time for a re-think (another one). I'd say now is just about the right time to start looking at Draft- N Wi-Fi.

Unless, of course, you're planning to fill an office with Wi-Fi, in which case your suppliers are very sensibly holding off for a bit longer.

The Wi-Fi Alliance has announced it will be branding Draft N. The top four laptop makers are putting it in their machines. Intel's bringing its own chips out next year, and adding it to Centrino.

It won't be in enterprise kit for a bit longer - though I wonder if Cisco is going to be looking closely at the business its Linksys susbsidiary is doing with Draft N products.

Most people still don't need it of course - especislly in the home where it's getting used most. If your uplink is less then 8 Mbit/s and you're getting that sort of throughput to all your PCs already, it's only going to show any benefits on file transfers inside your LAN.


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